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Services We Offer


Job Preparation Training


On the Job Training


Paid Internship Programs


Microenterprise Development


Social Skill Development

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What We Offer

At Blue Heron, we provide a robust training program premised on interactive learning and incremental skill development. We offer job preparation and on the job training, paid internship programs, volunteer programs, microenterprise development, and social skill development.

Meaningful employment for all people

How We Deliver Our Services


Community-based, individualized services with 1 Employment Counselor for every 2 participants.


Real world experience. From turning in an application, to working in an internship, there is no better way to learn than by doing it! 


Interactive learning curriculum developed specifically for those we serve. 


Fun social workshops and trainings to develop key skills.

Employment Training Tiers


Tier 1 - Job Essentials

Tier 1 is focused on orientation and career planning. This includes lessons on finding volunteer opportunities, as well as developing a resume and cover letter.


Tier 2 - Job Preparation

Tier 2 is focused on preparing our participants for work. This tier includes curriculum about how to interview, how to make an impression, and how to search and apply for a job.


Tier 3 - Paid Internship and Employed Skills

In Tier 3, participants have the opportunity to work in a paid internship and develop the hard and soft skills necessary to thrive at work. In this tier, we develop social skills, coping skills, problem solving, networking, task analysis and much more.


Tier 4 - Competitive Integrated Employment

Tier 4 is the overarching goal for all of our participants--competitive integrated employment. In this tier, our individuals are working in an integrated setting, accompanied by an Employment Counselor to help refine hard and soft skills on the job.

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