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Covid-19 updates Blue Heron Programs

Our Response

Blue Heron Programs is greatly concerned and aware of the threat that COVID-19 has presented to people with disabilities, their families, and their larger support system. We are taking all precautions necessary to keep our participants safe and healthy while still providing them the preparation they need to find meaningful employment. We are offering virtual daily 1:1 meetings focused on each individual and his/her goals, as well as weekly 1:1 in-person services. Our curriculum includes 10 job preparation modules with over 60 interactive lessons, and was designed to be delivered both online and in-person

Working with intellectual disabilities during covid-19
Sacramento intellectual disabilities covid-19

Limited In-Person Services

We are currently offering in-person services for one hour per week, per participant. These meetings are held outdoors, socially distanced, with masks. Our staff are equipped with all necessary PPE and sanitization products to ensure safe 1:1 meetings. Both staff and participants have gone through extensive training on how to safely gather in the midst of COVID-19. As COVID-19 cases begin to decline in our counties, there will be a gradual increase of in-person services offered.

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